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This is the MOM6 source code.

Where to find information

Start at the MOM6-examples wiki which has installation instructions.

Source code documentation is hosted on read the docs.

What files are what

The top level directory structure groups source code and input files as follow:

File/directory Purpose A copy of the Gnu lesser general public license, version 3. This file with basic pointers to more information.
src/ Contains the source code for MOM6 that is always compiled.
config_src/ Contains optional source code depending on mode and configuration such as dynamic-memory versus static, ocean-only versus coupled.
pkg/ Contains third party (non-MOM6 or FMS) code that is compiled into MOM6.
docs/ Workspace for generated documentation. See docs/
.testing/ Contains the verification test suite. See .testing/
ac/ Contains the autoconf build configuration files. See ac/

Quick start guide

To quickly get started and build an ocean-only MOM6 executable, see the autoconf README.

For setting up an experiment, or building an executable for coupled modeling, consult the MOM6-examples wiki.


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